How to Prevent Spam Email

Email has become one of the communication ways. When it deals with documents and other formal purposes, emails are chosen. However, it can be annoying to check the email and find some spam emails. These kinds of email do not have any functions for you, and there is no useful information to obtain. Even, some of emails contain some malwares or other problems that will harm your device. Therefore, there are many people looking for how to prevent spam email.

Some Solutions to Prevent Spam Emails

Luckily, you are not the only one who gets the spam emails. Many email users also get the junk email and they are getting annoyed. That’s why there are many people looking for the solution and fortunately there are some ways to do so. These can give you important information that will make you free from spam emails. Although it may not fully remove the junks, at least the numbers will be decreased and reduced.

  1. Setting your email account

Most of the email providers already develop better filters and mechanism to block or prevent the emails. Some also provide different tabs for various types of emails, starting from personal emails, business, and advertisements. These kinds of menu can be accessed in the setting. Each provider may have different name of menu, but they have similar functions.

In this case, you can choose the specific setting and adjustment in order to manage the spam emails. Certain filters may also be made and these can be customized. By doing this, the email will be able to detect and prevent the spam emails entering the main inbox.

  • Unsubscribe some commercial sites

Some of the spam emails are about the advertisement and promos from various kinds of e-commerce and commercial sites. Actually, you are the one who make the sites sending you various emails. In case you no longer need the emails and notifications, it is recommended to unsubscribe. These will decrease the amounts of ads emails in your inbox.

In order to do this, you can open the email and go to the website. In the commercial sites, you can check your account or setting. There will be menu to stop receiving notification and email. For the further prevention, it is better to never give access for the email notification.

  • Stop spreading and filling email address

It is common to share your email address. There can be many places, including your social media. These can be sources of the spam emails. It is because those who send the spam emails collect the data from open sources, including your social media and other sites where you include or insert email.

  • Use software to block the spam email

Then, the last solution is to download app or software to block the spam emails. There are many kinds of applications to choose. In this case, it is recommended to choose the trusted software and download it from the official websites. When you do things randomly, it may only give worse problems.

Those are some solutions to prevent and avoid spam emails in your inbox. Basically, it is not big problem to deal with. There have been various solutions. Then, as prevention, it is important to be careful in sharing email in public forum or sites.