How to Make Money from Webhosting Business

Webhosting is popular lately. With the development of websites, then there are many providers of webhosting and web servers. Becoming providers of webhosting is actually quite promising. With the high demands of website nowadays, people and companies will keep looking for offers of hosting and servers. Of course, this can be promising chances if you want to make money from the webhosting business. This may be quite tricky to do, but this can give you good profits.


Some Steps to Start Your Business in Webhosting


You can start a business in webhosting, either as a reseller or other chances. Well, they are possible to do. In this case, you need to know the basic knowledge about webhosting and how it works before you start the business. Without proper knowledge, it will be hard to manage the webhosting and servers. For the complete steps, you can try to follow these points.


  1. Choose platform

When it is about hosting, platform is necessary. So far, there is Linux and Windows as the choices of platform. There are big differences between them. In Linux, users can have better access and experiences since this is open source and it may be cheaper. For Windows, it is quite pricy, but it supports many database and frameworks. As solution, it is better to provide both of them.


  1. Choose hosting provider

In this part, being reseller is good option to do. Establishing your own hosting company can be quite challenging and this will require big funds. By being reseller, it is more effective. You can choose your own scale of business. It is not necessary to make big scale, and you can start by having smaller scale then make it bigger as the time goes by.


  1. Pricing strategy

As reseller and business owner, you will need to have good pricing strategy. You may resell the hosting, but it does not mean you can easily make your own price. Competitive price is needed to win the market. You need to make comparison with other competitors. Then, hosting plan is also needed. Some plans can be made, so your clients can make choice based on what they need. For starter, make at least 3 hosting plans.


  1. Make good website

You will need good website to sell the product. Since you are going to sell hosting, you need good design of website to attract people. In term of performance, the web must be supported by good servers, computers with high specification, stabilizer, connections, and inverters. In some cases, you need generator to make sure the power outage will never be big problems for webhosting.


Those are the basic steps to start your business with webhosting. This may seem easy, but you need to pay attention to all things and points. It will require good preparation and management. You will also need quite big funds to start this, so ensure that you are going to start and grow this business, so there will be no regret in the future.

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Difference between Cloud Server and VPS Server

For website, server and hosting have very important function. Although it is important, some people still do not know some important things related to server, including the differences between VPS and cloud server. They may think those are similar and there is nothing important to understand about it. The other people seem to ignore the differences and choose based on recommendation or price. In fact, it is quite important to know big differences since there are impacts on the performance.

Some Points of Differences between VPS and Cloud Server

Cloud and VPS refers to the type of server. Nowadays, they are the two available choices. Each of them has benefits and weakness, and it is good to know deeper. For VPS, it refers to Virtual Private Server, while Cloud is a server that uses the system of cloud storage. To know deeper about the differences, here are some points to see.

  1. Its server

There are big differences in term of server. For VPS, this is about one big physical server and it is divided into smaller parts of virtual server. In this case, each server may share the same RAM, memory, and CPU. Meanwhile for cloud server, it uses cloud system, so there is no physical server. This server is not divided into smaller servers.  


Based on the differences, VPS can be quite cheaper compared to cloud server since it uses physical server. Cloud is higher in its price for the type of server and its management. It is like every server stands alone and not fully connected to other servers.

  1. Specification upgrade

In term of specification, clients of VPS still can choose the specifications of RAM, memory, and CPU. Then, it will be shared with the main physical server. In other words, the server still depends on the main server. Moreover, the partitions are made based on what clients need. In case of cloud server, there is no shared physical server, and clients can choose the specification they want.

For the choice of specification, both of them may be similar. However, its difference is seen when it is time to upgrade. VPS can be quite harder to upgrade since it is shared allocation. When you need to upgrade, you need to wait for its process. It can take several days to prepare the server. For cloud server, making upgrade is faster; it even only takes some minutes.

  1. Downtime

In case of downtime, cloud server is great as solution. This can happen because the server is not connected to other server. Therefore, whenever a server is down, it will not affect the others, so the recovery can be done faster. This is different from VPS that will take time since one downtime will have impact on other servers in the same shared physical servers.

By knowing the differences, you will be able to make better decisions when choosing server for your web. Both of them have benefits and disadvantages. Just pay attention to those points to get the best and most suitable server for you.

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Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server

Server is a computer that acts as center to let others as clients, connect and access it. When creating computer network, server plays the major part because it contains database and other files. As we know, internet uses server-client platform to provide what you want. Users send the request and receive contents that come from server. Moreover, the server consists of two types: cloud and dedicated one. Each has pros and cons which bring you to the comparison between cloud server and dedicated server.

More Information about Cloud Server and Dedicated Server

Cloud server is a type of server of the main computer that utilizes cloud computing. It might be located in cloud system with virtualization platform. You cannot see the real one, but it’s accessible via client side. That’s why some people are called it as virtual server. On the other side, dedicated server means there is a real computer in particular place that becomes sever for network.

  1. Infrastructure

At the first aspect, infrastructure is the core factor that differs cloud and dedicated server. As it mentioned above, cloud uses virtual technology to look like a real server. The server providers have big machine as super computer. They allocate virtual specs to build specific server. You get those specs, but not completely the real hardware. One machine might have more than two servers depending on machine capacity.

Meanwhile, dedicated server is different because you buy hardware and install the server system. You might turn computer at home to become server. In big company with tons of task and activity, organization or company with big task and activity usually has dedicated server located in their area.

  1. Platform

Cloud and dedicated can have the same platform because both work only as server. For your information, operating system for the server looks similar to regular one, but it has additional feature to manage network. The platform depends on server purpose and mostly different each other. You can have cloud platform for developing project where members have access from anywhere. The platform is related to what clients, owner, and server will do.

  1. Capability and flexibility

In term of capability, cloud and dedicated server has similarity and differences. Cloud is better because it’s located in virtual and closed environment. Clients can access it as long as they receive permission. Moreover, you do not need to stay in one place just to access this server. Therefore, cloud is more flexible than dedicated one.

For capability, dedicated server is better as clients and server work in the same network. Their performance is faster and better. No one will disturb because the access is limited. However, dedicated server is not quite flexibility as the access might be slower if clients try to utilize network from outside to enter this server.

  1. Maintenance and security

For maintenance, cloud is better than dedicated one. You do not need to worry about checking update, redundancy data, and physical maintenance. Server provider will handle this task easily. On the other hand, dedicated server requires software and hardware maintenance. You need to stop server for a moment just to clean hardware or check the application integrity. Moreover, cloud server is more secure than dedicated one.

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What is a Cloud Server?

Server is a computer as the center to provide service for clients, such as database, software access, and other activities. If your computer is server, the other connects as client to do what server intends to do. As server, you can choose how much data or file that clients can get as well as their permission level. Imagine this server is not at your home, but physically at big data center. This is starting point of internet where people from around the world access file or data represented as website. One big machine can be divided into several allocated servers. Each has its own virtual specs, software, and platform. You have an access to one of servers and this is what you may call as cloud server.


Understanding the Cloud Server


Cloud server works in environment called cloud computing. In order to access it, you need internet. In general, this kind of server is not new technology because it has been around since internet inception. The main differences are accessibility, flexibility, scale, and capacity. You can increase this server to get the better specs easier than the old one.


To get this server, you just rent from provider without buying the physical one. Provider has infrastructures and this place contains big computer with layered server. One machine is capable to divide into many virtual servers. In order to fulfill customer’s demands, those servers have various allocated specs from small to advance. In the old service, customers bought one server and it could not expand because the specs and capacity were fixed. In order to get bigger server, they needed to subscribe into the new one. It is like buying new computer to replace the old one. That’s no longer issue when applying cloud server.


  1. Flexibility

As it mentioned above, flexibility is the reason why this server becomes popular. Provider offers two main packages. The first option is fixed specs consisting of detail for what customer will get. For example, you will receive server with 1 GB memory, 1 TB bandwidth, 100 GB storage, etc. Second offer is to choose what customer need. There is feature to measure how much customers want based on their preference. First option also has flexibility because customer can get special package to particular needs, like more bandwidth or capacity to hardware.


  1. Software and platform

Another benefit is software installation. Cloud server will do heavy process while clients only end the task. In cloud computing, clients do not have to install software. They use internet or network to let server send software as normal installation. Clients open computer or device then utilize software directly from cloud server. More expanded version is platform where server gives one platform to support project. Clients can do many things without direct installation.


  1. Cost and price

One reason why company chooses cloud server is lower cost. Instead of having physical server, it is better to rent cloud one. Moreover, company does not have to purchase license because all software and platform will be provider responsibility.


Well, cloud server is no longer strict technology which only the expert can access it. Nowadays, you can access it easily via smartphone, and many offers are available depending on what you need and want. This is the core thing in cloud server service.


Recommended Plugin for Joomla

Joomla is one of popular applications of Content Management System (CMS). This kind of app becomes so necessary to manage website and develop it. As person who manages websites, this becomes recommended app for you since it is open source. It means most of access is free and users can modify the app as what they need in developing the app. However, Joomla needs additional services coming from plugins. Without plugins and extensions, Joomla may not be able to work well. Related to this, these plugins can become good recommendations.

Some References of Recommended Plugins for Joomla

In fact, Joomla is great option of CMS for all developers. Many developers use this app and they get benefits. However, it requires a help from plugins to get more features in developing and maintaining website. These are some references of basic plugins to use and these work well with this CMS.

  1. Admin Tool Core

Websites are actually vulnerable to many kinds of attacks. Breaching and many security issues can become great problems. In this case, Akeeba Admin Tool becomes good plugin to help Joomla in maintaining better security and protection. This can monitor updates and provide strong security against breaching. Moreover, the plugin can provide password for admin and users, so it is safer and possible to set limited access for certain people in charge of website.


  1. Akeeba Backup

Regular backup becomes necessary for websites. Even, it is necessary for all kinds of data, so it is not just for the case of websites. This will be helpful to collect data and becomes good step of prevention when the damage happens unexpectedly. Akeeba Backup is useful plugin that can provide feature to keep track all changes happened in website. Then, this plugin can also work to repair website whenever there is problem, such as error and breaching.


  1. Shack Forms Pro

If you want to keep in touch with your guests and viewers, you will need this plugin. It will be helpful in making contact form in your web. Moreover, it can be used to make general questions, purchase, form of subscription and other kinds of forms.


  1. EasyBlog

In some websites for business, blogging is necessary to get in touch and update information. In this case, this plugin is useful for this part. It provides easy access to manage your blog. Then, you may also use automatic feature to share contents. This is necessary to get faster access to upload and share the contents.


  1. Translation plugin

If you have audiences or visitors coming from many countries, you may need this kind of plugin. This plugin can help to translate the content. There is Falang as good option for translation plugin.

Well, those are several plugins necessary to help the function of Joomla. There are various plugins for different function, starting from its security features, backup and repair, as well as blog maintenance. They are of course the essential functions in developing the web. By having the plugins, you may get better and easier access to use Joomla.

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Tips and Trick Using Joomla

Are you Joomla user? What would you say about this content management system? Many people find Joomla as best partner as it offers great number of convenience and functionalities for web development. However, it cannot be denied that some features can be overwhelming that potentially make the user miss the great functionalities of it. Do you want to be a pro Joomla user? Do you wish to know more about this system? All you need to know is finding the tips and tricks using Joomla. You are about to know the tips and tricks from professional Joomla developers. Stay tuned!

Effective Tips and Tricks for Joomla Newbie

If you are a new Joomla user, there is nothing to worry about. Experience from trial and error will make you a professional Joomla developer. To help you out, below are advanced tips you should know about Joomla. Once you know these, you are no longer a newbie!

  1. Boost website speed

It is quite annoying to find your website is not faster than a snail. In fact, visitors are less attracted to visit a website with long loading time and they will end up close the browser window before it is fully loaded. To make you a professional site developer, reduce the website loading time. Do these following tricks to improve the website speed:

  • On System, click Global Configuration
  • Navigate to System then find Cache Setting
  • After you see System Cache, choose ON – Conservative caching
  • Go to server and find Server Settings
  • Change Gzip Page Compression to Yes then Save changes

Through this way, you will be able to boost up the speed of your website. This is surely your first step to be a professional developer.

  1. Unlock global check-in

When someone is editing an article, the other users commonly lose access to edit at the same time. Now you can change the condition and let users edit the content without being worry about losing access. To unlock this feature, follow these steps:

  • Go to System, find Global Check-in and click
  • Select all items in a row from Database Table
  • Click Check-in

Specific users will be able to edit the content at the same time with other fellow users. This is a convenience that you are looking for.

  1. Enable rating

Everyone who has website surely wants to know the users’ feedback of content. Now you can have it by enabling rating for Joomla. Whenever you are succeeded to do this trick, you will be able to see the rating for every post. Follow the process below:

  • Click Global Configuration on System
  • Find Articles on left sidebar
  • Search for Show Voting and click Show
  • Save changes

When it is done, you are able to see the rating of every post. Therefore, you can make the feedback to develop your Joomla site.

What do you think? Are you ready to be a Joomla pro? The advanced tips and tricks above are surely what you need to master Joomla.

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Top 5 Features of Joomla CMS

Joomla is prominent CMS to build websites easily. It is open source where you can obtain freely. In addition, Joomla has community that always improves and adds the features, including updates. As CMS, users do not have to bother with programming. You can add contents then configure and edit them anytime. More features include template, plugin, extension, security, mobile version. They are the reasons why Joomla becomes popular. To know the top features thoroughly, read the next sections.


Top Features You Get in Joomla CMS


  1. Theme and template

Theme and template are things commonly available in every CMS. Joomla has the theme that’s integrated to template in order to create different appearance. At first, the basic template is simple with only necessary section. If you want to replace it, just upload new template automatically. After that, the entire design and appearance will be different. Good thing about Joomla is you only do this change with simple process. If you are proficient in coding, there is HTML page to edit the template to suit your need.


  1. Module and extension

Module, extension, and plugin are important in CMS, especially Joomla. Nowadays, website is not just text and photo. You need interactive part, such as chatting, comment, even widget to show the time. For such purpose, Joomla has many things to put into your website. That’s what commonly called as module, extension, and plugin.


  1. Mobile version and installation

In past time, people used desktop computer and laptop to access internet. Today, digital content focuses on mobile device. Study showed that more than half internet users rely on smartphone. In this case, you need CMS that can do mobile installation. Joomla is available to install via smartphone. It is mobile version of this CMS to let developers work in their mobile device.


  1. Friendly interface and unified configuration

Friendly interface is necessary in CMS. Joomla has admin page, content area, and others. All of them are accessible though browser with vibrant navigation. Admin panel is clean and plain, but very functional. Unified configuration is feature that puts everything you need in one page. In content section, you can edit directly then add anything without going back to the different page. Just adjust what you need, such as the appearance, global configuration, security, permission, etc. This is the top feature that makes Joomla very popular in web development industry.


  1. Secure and safety

Moreover, Joomla is open source that lets people to edit what they want. However, it is very safe and secure because it receives many updates to make sure there is no harm to come. Since its inception, Joomla becomes the top secure CMS with low rate attack. You can modify the security level based on what you need. As administrator, users have access to the entire content.


Well, there are still many features besides those mentioned above. In Joomla, you can do collaborative project to let others develop the website simultaneously. Of course, the super admin can decide how much users can access. Another thing is hosting where every major hosting provider will have Joomla support. It is benefit from being Joomla user at all.

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What Is a Joomla?

Now, it is common to find websites. Even, some people have personal websites with many kinds of purposes. This platform becomes great media for sharing information and other things. Now, people can get money from what they have in the websites by optimizing the work of advertisements and other things. When you are also interested in this thing, you will need to know several things about the websites, including some apps needed for it. Well, Joomla is one of the apps you must know. This has important function to develop website and you may need to know more about this platform.

The Important Information about Joomla

It is true that Joomla becomes important thing in developing website. This is one of CMS or Content Management System, and many web developers use this app. Basically, CMS is the app that works to manage the content of website. This can connect the website and administrator to database.

Access for many administrators and developers may also be made by this app; even it is very possible to have different level of permission for those who are in charge of web management and development. In other words, this is important software to develop and manage the website. By the work of Joomla, both visitors and the website’s manager or developer can get easier access of content. Let’s check the other interesting things about Joomla.

  1. Open source

For your information, Joomla is open source. So, this can grant free access for everyone who needs this application. Then, developers can also get free access to use this app, including making some adjustments and modifications based on their needs.


  1. Developer community

Although it is open source, it does not mean this app is not good to develop website. In fact, there are companies and communities of developers who stand behind this app. These communities never stop to think about the app and make many kinds of improvements. That’s why there are many updates and modifications of Joomla, including the templates and other things. These can happen because of the communities.


  1. Easy to learn

Some people may think Joomla is difficult to use as it is open source. In fact, some users and developers have stated this app is easy to use. They have no problems in its interface and they can use all potencies and features offered. Moreover, this is also inexpensive, so it becomes great options for CMS. There are many templates and extensions provided by many communities for Joomla. Therefore, there are many options for developing the web; even students can make it as choice of CMS because of its easiness.

That’s the information related to Joomla. It may become the basic information for those who want to know more about this app. Of course, it has wide ranges of users, along with different types and styles of website. Surely, Joomla can be the recommended CMS for everyone who is going to make website. It is open source and has many interesting features for users.


How to Find Cheap WordPress Hosting

It is fun to have website or blog as it can be platform to tell about many things. Now, they are not only a place to share, but also a media to get money. The site can be monetized and people will some incomes from it. This is great alternative to get additional incomes. If you are interested, you may also try to make. Of course, it needs some preparations and one of them is about its hosting. In this case, WordPress hosting can be good idea to choose. This is famous for its affordable price. Even, you can find cheaper WordPress hosting.

Some Tips to Find Cheap WordPress Hosting

In starting all things, preparation is necessary. In case of website, you will need hosting as important part. Well, WordPress can be one of the popular hosting providers. However, it does not mean you can only one choice. There are many options to choose, including the feature and packages that may determine the price. Related to this, lower and more affordable price is what people need. Let’s see these tips to get the affordable one.

  1. Get references

First point is to get references of hosting. This will not be hard job to do. There are search engine to help whenever you need it. Then, you can also ask your friends who know this well. So, you will have some recommendations and these can make you easier in making choice and decision.

  1.  Compare the features

After getting those references, your job is to make comparisons. This will be important part in choosing the price. Price will not be the only factor to compare. Each of them has different features. You may see differences in bandwidth and storages offered by the provider, allocation of emails to make, and other things. These are some basic features needed to develop website.

  1. Consider the speed

Speed is the other necessary part. This deals with ease in accessing your website. It is not only speed for you to develop and access the website, but also for those who are going to visit and read the contents. It is better to have great and stable speed. When it is impossible to get highest speed with affordable price, at least you can choose the most stable with common speed.

  1. See the uptime

Each hosting will have uptime and the good providers will show rating of its uptime. This is like estimation of your website to be down. This is bad common problems when you face them too common. That’s why you must find the uptime in rating above 90%. When you only get around 80%, it means that there are possibilities for the website to be down for around 7-10 days and this is quite problematic.

Those are some points to help you finding cheap WordPress hosting. It is not impossible to get affordable price with great services. What you need to do is patience and meticulousness in choosing and making comparisons, so you can avoid bad decisions.