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Difference between Cloud Server and VPS Server

For website, server and hosting have very important function. Although it is important, some people still do not know some important things related to server, including the differences between VPS and cloud server. They may think those are similar and there is nothing important to understand about it. The other people seem to ignore the differences and choose based on recommendation or price. In fact, it is quite important to know big differences since there are impacts on the performance.

Some Points of Differences between VPS and Cloud Server

Cloud and VPS refers to the type of server. Nowadays, they are the two available choices. Each of them has benefits and weakness, and it is good to know deeper. For VPS, it refers to Virtual Private Server, while Cloud is a server that uses the system of cloud storage. To know deeper about the differences, here are some points to see.

  1. Its server

There are big differences in term of server. For VPS, this is about one big physical server and it is divided into smaller parts of virtual server. In this case, each server may share the same RAM, memory, and CPU. Meanwhile for cloud server, it uses cloud system, so there is no physical server. This server is not divided into smaller servers.  


Based on the differences, VPS can be quite cheaper compared to cloud server since it uses physical server. Cloud is higher in its price for the type of server and its management. It is like every server stands alone and not fully connected to other servers.

  1. Specification upgrade

In term of specification, clients of VPS still can choose the specifications of RAM, memory, and CPU. Then, it will be shared with the main physical server. In other words, the server still depends on the main server. Moreover, the partitions are made based on what clients need. In case of cloud server, there is no shared physical server, and clients can choose the specification they want.

For the choice of specification, both of them may be similar. However, its difference is seen when it is time to upgrade. VPS can be quite harder to upgrade since it is shared allocation. When you need to upgrade, you need to wait for its process. It can take several days to prepare the server. For cloud server, making upgrade is faster; it even only takes some minutes.

  1. Downtime

In case of downtime, cloud server is great as solution. This can happen because the server is not connected to other server. Therefore, whenever a server is down, it will not affect the others, so the recovery can be done faster. This is different from VPS that will take time since one downtime will have impact on other servers in the same shared physical servers.

By knowing the differences, you will be able to make better decisions when choosing server for your web. Both of them have benefits and disadvantages. Just pay attention to those points to get the best and most suitable server for you.

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