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Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server

Server is a computer that acts as center to let others as clients, connect and access it. When creating computer network, server plays the major part because it contains database and other files. As we know, internet uses server-client platform to provide what you want. Users send the request and receive contents that come from server. Moreover, the server consists of two types: cloud and dedicated one. Each has pros and cons which bring you to the comparison between cloud server and dedicated server.

More Information about Cloud Server and Dedicated Server

Cloud server is a type of server of the main computer that utilizes cloud computing. It might be located in cloud system with virtualization platform. You cannot see the real one, but it’s accessible via client side. That’s why some people are called it as virtual server. On the other side, dedicated server means there is a real computer in particular place that becomes sever for network.

  1. Infrastructure

At the first aspect, infrastructure is the core factor that differs cloud and dedicated server. As it mentioned above, cloud uses virtual technology to look like a real server. The server providers have big machine as super computer. They allocate virtual specs to build specific server. You get those specs, but not completely the real hardware. One machine might have more than two servers depending on machine capacity.

Meanwhile, dedicated server is different because you buy hardware and install the server system. You might turn computer at home to become server. In big company with tons of task and activity, organization or company with big task and activity usually has dedicated server located in their area.

  1. Platform

Cloud and dedicated can have the same platform because both work only as server. For your information, operating system for the server looks similar to regular one, but it has additional feature to manage network. The platform depends on server purpose and mostly different each other. You can have cloud platform for developing project where members have access from anywhere. The platform is related to what clients, owner, and server will do.

  1. Capability and flexibility

In term of capability, cloud and dedicated server has similarity and differences. Cloud is better because it’s located in virtual and closed environment. Clients can access it as long as they receive permission. Moreover, you do not need to stay in one place just to access this server. Therefore, cloud is more flexible than dedicated one.

For capability, dedicated server is better as clients and server work in the same network. Their performance is faster and better. No one will disturb because the access is limited. However, dedicated server is not quite flexibility as the access might be slower if clients try to utilize network from outside to enter this server.

  1. Maintenance and security

For maintenance, cloud is better than dedicated one. You do not need to worry about checking update, redundancy data, and physical maintenance. Server provider will handle this task easily. On the other hand, dedicated server requires software and hardware maintenance. You need to stop server for a moment just to clean hardware or check the application integrity. Moreover, cloud server is more secure than dedicated one.

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