Importance of Email in Web Hosting

Website, email, and hosting are things that are always closely related to internet. You can create website with tons of contents. After that, they are stored in hosting provider in order to let users access and view it. To communicate between users and web creator, email is good option particularly for formal and official business. Even though chatting seems to be the fastest way, email is the most reliable method. Several importance of email in web hosting will be explored in the following sections.

More about Email and Web Hosting

Most internet users have email from major providers that give free email service. In general, this kind of email is for personal usage. On the other side, providers expand their offer to reach business’s needs and large-scale operation. Those emails are specifically for communication.

  1. Custom name

You have two ways to obtain email from web hosting. Firstly, the email is from separate provider which means your hosting does not give email service. As solution, you rely on service mentioned above for email and communication. Unfortunately, the email name does not reflect your website. To overcome this situation, you should consider relying on web hosting and the custom name. As usual, email will have website name and customers can recognize that the email comes from official source.

  • Legit, legitimate, and legal

Next reason is legal aspect. If your website is e-commerce, email is the key in communication support. You cannot rely on free service, particularly without custom name. The business will look extremely bad in customer’s eyes. Instead of more order, your business is questionable and lack of reliability. That’s why most legit businesses need email from hosting. The websites and email are in one package that’s related each other. Therefore, the website is official tool to make the business to be legal.

  • Business feature

Free service has limited feature. For example, you cannot send many emails to customers quickly unless you do it in manual way. Business features are the factors that cannot be ignored after being legal aspect. Each email has different subdomain to represent business section. Customers send email based on issue or thing they need.

  • Big storage

Small business still needs extra space to make sure all emails are in the right place. You need more storage to handle excess emails from anywhere. This is why email is important in web hosting. Free service only provides what’s necessary for personal usage. You may order business feature with additional storage.

  • Premium service

Premium service means the thing that’s only available as email in web hosting. You still receive the basic features, but premium one has better support. Some providers divide their services into several categories based on the capability. In web hosting, you can separate and put customers in different level based on the product they purchase.

Email changes the way people send letter. For formal and official communication, email is inseparable thing to obtain. As web owner, email shows what capability you provide. Legit email in web hosting creates confident atmosphere. Those things are important in business.