cloud server hosting

What is a Cloud Server?

Server is a computer as the center to provide service for clients, such as database, software access, and other activities. If your computer is server, the other connects as client to do what server intends to do. As server, you can choose how much data or file that clients can get as well as their permission level. Imagine this server is not at your home, but physically at big data center. This is starting point of internet where people from around the world access file or data represented as website. One big machine can be divided into several allocated servers. Each has its own virtual specs, software, and platform. You have an access to one of servers and this is what you may call as cloud server.


Understanding the Cloud Server


Cloud server works in environment called cloud computing. In order to access it, you need internet. In general, this kind of server is not new technology because it has been around since internet inception. The main differences are accessibility, flexibility, scale, and capacity. You can increase this server to get the better specs easier than the old one.


To get this server, you just rent from provider without buying the physical one. Provider has infrastructures and this place contains big computer with layered server. One machine is capable to divide into many virtual servers. In order to fulfill customer’s demands, those servers have various allocated specs from small to advance. In the old service, customers bought one server and it could not expand because the specs and capacity were fixed. In order to get bigger server, they needed to subscribe into the new one. It is like buying new computer to replace the old one. That’s no longer issue when applying cloud server.


  1. Flexibility

As it mentioned above, flexibility is the reason why this server becomes popular. Provider offers two main packages. The first option is fixed specs consisting of detail for what customer will get. For example, you will receive server with 1 GB memory, 1 TB bandwidth, 100 GB storage, etc. Second offer is to choose what customer need. There is feature to measure how much customers want based on their preference. First option also has flexibility because customer can get special package to particular needs, like more bandwidth or capacity to hardware.


  1. Software and platform

Another benefit is software installation. Cloud server will do heavy process while clients only end the task. In cloud computing, clients do not have to install software. They use internet or network to let server send software as normal installation. Clients open computer or device then utilize software directly from cloud server. More expanded version is platform where server gives one platform to support project. Clients can do many things without direct installation.


  1. Cost and price

One reason why company chooses cloud server is lower cost. Instead of having physical server, it is better to rent cloud one. Moreover, company does not have to purchase license because all software and platform will be provider responsibility.


Well, cloud server is no longer strict technology which only the expert can access it. Nowadays, you can access it easily via smartphone, and many offers are available depending on what you need and want. This is the core thing in cloud server service.