Recommended Plugin for Joomla

Joomla is one of popular applications of Content Management System (CMS). This kind of app becomes so necessary to manage website and develop it. As person who manages websites, this becomes recommended app for you since it is open source. It means most of access is free and users can modify the app as what they need in developing the app. However, Joomla needs additional services coming from plugins. Without plugins and extensions, Joomla may not be able to work well. Related to this, these plugins can become good recommendations.

Some References of Recommended Plugins for Joomla

In fact, Joomla is great option of CMS for all developers. Many developers use this app and they get benefits. However, it requires a help from plugins to get more features in developing and maintaining website. These are some references of basic plugins to use and these work well with this CMS.

  1. Admin Tool Core

Websites are actually vulnerable to many kinds of attacks. Breaching and many security issues can become great problems. In this case, Akeeba Admin Tool becomes good plugin to help Joomla in maintaining better security and protection. This can monitor updates and provide strong security against breaching. Moreover, the plugin can provide password for admin and users, so it is safer and possible to set limited access for certain people in charge of website.


  1. Akeeba Backup

Regular backup becomes necessary for websites. Even, it is necessary for all kinds of data, so it is not just for the case of websites. This will be helpful to collect data and becomes good step of prevention when the damage happens unexpectedly. Akeeba Backup is useful plugin that can provide feature to keep track all changes happened in website. Then, this plugin can also work to repair website whenever there is problem, such as error and breaching.


  1. Shack Forms Pro

If you want to keep in touch with your guests and viewers, you will need this plugin. It will be helpful in making contact form in your web. Moreover, it can be used to make general questions, purchase, form of subscription and other kinds of forms.


  1. EasyBlog

In some websites for business, blogging is necessary to get in touch and update information. In this case, this plugin is useful for this part. It provides easy access to manage your blog. Then, you may also use automatic feature to share contents. This is necessary to get faster access to upload and share the contents.


  1. Translation plugin

If you have audiences or visitors coming from many countries, you may need this kind of plugin. This plugin can help to translate the content. There is Falang as good option for translation plugin.

Well, those are several plugins necessary to help the function of Joomla. There are various plugins for different function, starting from its security features, backup and repair, as well as blog maintenance. They are of course the essential functions in developing the web. By having the plugins, you may get better and easier access to use Joomla.