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Tips and Trick Using Joomla

Are you Joomla user? What would you say about this content management system? Many people find Joomla as best partner as it offers great number of convenience and functionalities for web development. However, it cannot be denied that some features can be overwhelming that potentially make the user miss the great functionalities of it. Do you want to be a pro Joomla user? Do you wish to know more about this system? All you need to know is finding the tips and tricks using Joomla. You are about to know the tips and tricks from professional Joomla developers. Stay tuned!

Effective Tips and Tricks for Joomla Newbie

If you are a new Joomla user, there is nothing to worry about. Experience from trial and error will make you a professional Joomla developer. To help you out, below are advanced tips you should know about Joomla. Once you know these, you are no longer a newbie!

  1. Boost website speed

It is quite annoying to find your website is not faster than a snail. In fact, visitors are less attracted to visit a website with long loading time and they will end up close the browser window before it is fully loaded. To make you a professional site developer, reduce the website loading time. Do these following tricks to improve the website speed:

  • On System, click Global Configuration
  • Navigate to System then find Cache Setting
  • After you see System Cache, choose ON – Conservative caching
  • Go to server and find Server Settings
  • Change Gzip Page Compression to Yes then Save changes

Through this way, you will be able to boost up the speed of your website. This is surely your first step to be a professional developer.

  1. Unlock global check-in

When someone is editing an article, the other users commonly lose access to edit at the same time. Now you can change the condition and let users edit the content without being worry about losing access. To unlock this feature, follow these steps:

  • Go to System, find Global Check-in and click
  • Select all items in a row from Database Table
  • Click Check-in

Specific users will be able to edit the content at the same time with other fellow users. This is a convenience that you are looking for.

  1. Enable rating

Everyone who has website surely wants to know the users’ feedback of content. Now you can have it by enabling rating for Joomla. Whenever you are succeeded to do this trick, you will be able to see the rating for every post. Follow the process below:

  • Click Global Configuration on System
  • Find Articles on left sidebar
  • Search for Show Voting and click Show
  • Save changes

When it is done, you are able to see the rating of every post. Therefore, you can make the feedback to develop your Joomla site.

What do you think? Are you ready to be a Joomla pro? The advanced tips and tricks above are surely what you need to master Joomla.

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