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Top 5 Features of Joomla CMS

Joomla is prominent CMS to build websites easily. It is open source where you can obtain freely. In addition, Joomla has community that always improves and adds the features, including updates. As CMS, users do not have to bother with programming. You can add contents then configure and edit them anytime. More features include template, plugin, extension, security, mobile version. They are the reasons why Joomla becomes popular. To know the top features thoroughly, read the next sections.


Top Features You Get in Joomla CMS


  1. Theme and template

Theme and template are things commonly available in every CMS. Joomla has the theme that’s integrated to template in order to create different appearance. At first, the basic template is simple with only necessary section. If you want to replace it, just upload new template automatically. After that, the entire design and appearance will be different. Good thing about Joomla is you only do this change with simple process. If you are proficient in coding, there is HTML page to edit the template to suit your need.


  1. Module and extension

Module, extension, and plugin are important in CMS, especially Joomla. Nowadays, website is not just text and photo. You need interactive part, such as chatting, comment, even widget to show the time. For such purpose, Joomla has many things to put into your website. That’s what commonly called as module, extension, and plugin.


  1. Mobile version and installation

In past time, people used desktop computer and laptop to access internet. Today, digital content focuses on mobile device. Study showed that more than half internet users rely on smartphone. In this case, you need CMS that can do mobile installation. Joomla is available to install via smartphone. It is mobile version of this CMS to let developers work in their mobile device.


  1. Friendly interface and unified configuration

Friendly interface is necessary in CMS. Joomla has admin page, content area, and others. All of them are accessible though browser with vibrant navigation. Admin panel is clean and plain, but very functional. Unified configuration is feature that puts everything you need in one page. In content section, you can edit directly then add anything without going back to the different page. Just adjust what you need, such as the appearance, global configuration, security, permission, etc. This is the top feature that makes Joomla very popular in web development industry.


  1. Secure and safety

Moreover, Joomla is open source that lets people to edit what they want. However, it is very safe and secure because it receives many updates to make sure there is no harm to come. Since its inception, Joomla becomes the top secure CMS with low rate attack. You can modify the security level based on what you need. As administrator, users have access to the entire content.


Well, there are still many features besides those mentioned above. In Joomla, you can do collaborative project to let others develop the website simultaneously. Of course, the super admin can decide how much users can access. Another thing is hosting where every major hosting provider will have Joomla support. It is benefit from being Joomla user at all.