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What Is a Joomla?

Now, it is common to find websites. Even, some people have personal websites with many kinds of purposes. This platform becomes great media for sharing information and other things. Now, people can get money from what they have in the websites by optimizing the work of advertisements and other things. When you are also interested in this thing, you will need to know several things about the websites, including some apps needed for it. Well, Joomla is one of the apps you must know. This has important function to develop website and you may need to know more about this platform.

The Important Information about Joomla

It is true that Joomla becomes important thing in developing website. This is one of CMS or Content Management System, and many web developers use this app. Basically, CMS is the app that works to manage the content of website. This can connect the website and administrator to database.

Access for many administrators and developers may also be made by this app; even it is very possible to have different level of permission for those who are in charge of web management and development. In other words, this is important software to develop and manage the website. By the work of Joomla, both visitors and the website’s manager or developer can get easier access of content. Let’s check the other interesting things about Joomla.

  1. Open source

For your information, Joomla is open source. So, this can grant free access for everyone who needs this application. Then, developers can also get free access to use this app, including making some adjustments and modifications based on their needs.


  1. Developer community

Although it is open source, it does not mean this app is not good to develop website. In fact, there are companies and communities of developers who stand behind this app. These communities never stop to think about the app and make many kinds of improvements. That’s why there are many updates and modifications of Joomla, including the templates and other things. These can happen because of the communities.


  1. Easy to learn

Some people may think Joomla is difficult to use as it is open source. In fact, some users and developers have stated this app is easy to use. They have no problems in its interface and they can use all potencies and features offered. Moreover, this is also inexpensive, so it becomes great options for CMS. There are many templates and extensions provided by many communities for Joomla. Therefore, there are many options for developing the web; even students can make it as choice of CMS because of its easiness.

That’s the information related to Joomla. It may become the basic information for those who want to know more about this app. Of course, it has wide ranges of users, along with different types and styles of website. Surely, Joomla can be the recommended CMS for everyone who is going to make website. It is open source and has many interesting features for users.